Friday, January 29, 2010

Are you giving your BEST effort?

I was talking to a high school football player today and I asked him to tell me what he is going to do differently to be a better player next year. He replied, "I want to work harder during practice, I usually just do enough to get by". His answer inspired this article.

Have you ever been "expected" to get a hit, score 20 pts., score a number of goals, or perform at a certain level? As athletes it may be difficult to live up the expectations of coaches, parents, fans, teammates, and even ourselves.

In setting expectations for yourself, consider having the following to be one of the most important expectations you focus on: Give your BEST EFFORT in the present moment.

If you focus on giving your best effort in the present moment, the score won't matter, worrying about what others think won't be a factor, and you will be commited to your movements because fear of failure will not hinder your performance.

Did you give your best today?

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